1 Send an email to a guest and CC: your Overlap assistant

  • From: Emma <emma@acme.com>
  • To: Jack <jack@acme.com>
  • Cc: Alex <alex@overlap.cc>
  • Let's get together soon
  • Hi Jack,

    It was great seeing you last night.

    I was hoping we could get together next monday or tuesday at my office to go over your proposed project.

    I've included my assistant, Alex, who will help us find a time.

2 Overlap emails with your guest

  • From: Alex <alex@overlap.cc>
  • To: Jack <jack@acme.com>
  • RE: Let's get together soon
  • Hi Jack,

    I'm Alex, Emma's assistant.

    I'd like to work with you to find a time to meet at 123 Main street.

    Please select a time:
        Mon, Aug 28, 11:00 am
        Mon, Aug 28, 1:00 pm
        Tue, Aug 29, 2:00 pm
        View Emma's calendar
        REPLY to this email and suggest other times


3 You receive an email to accept the time

  • From: Alex <alex@overlap.cc>
  • To: Emma <emma@acme.com>
  • RE: Let's get together soon
  • Hi Emma,

    Jack selected Mon, Aug 28, 1:00 pm for 30 minutes at 123 Main street.

        Confirm this works for you
        Reschedule meeting

4 You and your guests receive calendar invitations

Let's get together soon

WhenMon, Aug 28, 1:00 pm
Where123 Main street
Who Emma

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